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I have been MIA, I know. I had goals for writing more during my break, but life happens... I am sure you can understand. I am here though to share with you my goals for this new year and hopefully, by publicly sharing them, I will stick to what I have planned for this new [...]


While this is not a typically topic I would normally write about, my heart felt called to simply say thank you to all the men and women serving and who have served our country. Your selflessness and bravery does not go unnoticed.

1 year

Today marks one year since I posted my first blog post on here. Reflecting on my posts on the website and on my Instagram, looking through my old prayers, requests, notes, and thoughts on this blog, I have realized how much I have grown from just sharing my thoughts and the word of God. I've [...]


sitting. watching. admiring. waiting. praying.  God what a sinner I am. How I have fallen short time and time again, yet you still love me. I look out at the sunrise admiring your creation, the strokes of the color you so intricately painted together. You are so good and holy. I feel unworthy to say [...]


I can say with almost full confidence I am in a season of waiting. I can see my future dreams + aspirations within reach, but I still have a long way to go. This is hard for me because I so wish I had things accomplished now, or at least next week. So, I am [...]